Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Save money on your Radio Times

Do you buy the Radio Times every week? It's gone up in price again (as it does every New Year), now costing £1.10 a week.

But you could "Get 6 issues for just £1"!

"What's the catch" asks the RT advert, and then tells you there isn't one. Not quite true, in my opinion.

This is how it works. If you sign up (by sending in the card in Radio Times or by completing a form online or by phoning in), you actually have to sign a Direct Debit form, so you are committing yourself to many more than the six issues. However, it does say you can cancel your trial subscription (afetr receiving the fourth issue), and will only pay a pound.

They're relying on you to forget to cancel or to say, "oh, might as well carry on," but if you really want to pay just a pound for six issues, put a note in your diary and cancel your trial subscription after four issues. Simple really.

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