Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Get your weekend newspaper freebies

My daughter called it "embarrassing", and my wife gave me one of those looks, but I say they'll get used to it and love it soon.

What have I done?

I've started taking advantage of the "free today" offers on the front of some of Saturday's newspapers. All it takes is a bit of organisation.

So over the last two Saturdays I've come home with a box of Thorntons chocolates, a bottle of Body Shop Body Lotion and a bar of Galaxy chocolate - all free! The first two were from sequential Saturday Telegraphs and the latter was from last Saturday's Daily Express.

To do this smoothly and easily you have to be a little bit prepared. So take a pen and a pair of scissors when you go to your local town centre to buy your weekend paper. Check out the offers, turn to the page, cut out the form, fill it in (not always necessary) and take it the shop with the offer (these have been Thorntons, the Body Shop and Superdrug to date).

As always, be wary of making false economies. So only buy the newspaper you would normally buy, and be sure to check or uncheck all the correct boxes to say you DON'T want any junk email, mail or phone calls. Read the fine print carefully.

Enjoy your freebies!

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