Thursday, 12 February 2009

European Youth Card Association

If you are aged 26 or under, you could benefit by owning a EURO<26 card.

The European Youth Card Association promotes youth mobility and information with their cards.

The EURO<26 card gives young Europeans access to information, mobility, culture and participation, through a range of services, discounts and advantages. The EYCA hopes that the EURO<26 card will encourage young people to explore their world with better information, and become full citizens of modern Europe.

The European Youth Card Association represents 62 youth card organisations across 41 European countries, with more 4.3 million young people aged under 26 owning a card.

The EURO<26 youth card provides under 26s with information through various channels: annual guides, magazines, newsletters, and helpdesks.

Check out the EYCA website now.

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