Monday, 16 February 2009

For book lovers, read on

If you love books and just about get enough to read to keep you going, there are several options for good sources of reading matter at low cost or even for free. Of course the public library comes to mind here. However you do have to avoid fines, especially if, like me, you get carried away when choosing your books. Now you can renew those books online that you haven't quite finished in time - just find your local library website and look at your membership card with your PIN number on it. Renewing your books has never been easier.

It is also useful to know that if you have a longterm illness or disability you may be exempt from fines altogether - just enquire at the desk for this concession. Of course the other great thing about libraries is their regular sales of old or unwanted books. These sell typically at 40p or a couple of quid for large illustrated hardbacks. For example I recently picked up a lovely big book about the history of musical instruments - extremely fascinating even to a non musician such as myself.

The thing is part of my work as writer for and part owner of is finding unusual information. As I am an avid book collector anyway I find these book sales both interesting and useful. I hope, fellow book lover, that you do too.

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