Monday, 9 February 2009

Is the FTSE 100 worth a punt? Month Two

It's a month since we "invested" £100 in the FTSE 100. It stood then at 4,505, having risen 19% from its low-point in November 2008.

On Friday night, a month later, it had unfortunately fallen to 4,291.87, so our virtual £100 has fallen to £95.27. It was a fall of 4.73% in the month.

It reached a low of 4,052 on 22 January (a fall of 10.06%), so we're grateful it's come back from that level.

Anyway, onward!

Let's put another £100 into the pot at this point. So we've got £95.27 from our first month; now we've got another £100 invested at 4,291.87. That's a current total of £195.27 for a total of £200 invested.

Let's see what happens in a month's time. See you on the 9th March!

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