Friday, 20 February 2009

Free pashmina from Saturday's Telegraph

Remember earlier in the week I was telling you about the "free today" offers in some of Saturday's newspapers. All it takes is a bit of organisation.

Well, here's a heads-up.

In tomorrow's Daily Telegraph (21 Feb) there will be an offer for a free pashmina "worth £19.99". You'll need to buy the Telegraph, then go to your nearest Tie Rack to claim your free pashmina. If you don't regularly buy the Telegraph (£1.90 on a Saturday), think carefully before proceeding. Is the pashmina worth that?

Be prepared. Take a pen and a pair of scissors when you go to your buy your paper. Cut out the form, fill it in, and take it Tie Rack

And guess who spotted this offer? Ah yes, my daughter!

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