Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Penny Bazaar at Marks and Spencer

In celebration of its 125th birthday, M&S is holding a three-day Penny Bazaar from Wednesday 20 – Friday 22 May.

This will involve 20 different products on sale at just 1p each, subject to availability. If you want to bag a penny bargain it would be sensible to turn up early, as stocks are expected to sell out quickly.

The number of items per customer is limited to five, and items in the 1p sale include purses, scarves, knickers, ties, five different jewellery sets, leather luggage tags, mugs, tea towels, cufflinks, socks, leather passport holders, retro sweets and drinks, beach balls and beach toys.

Who can doubt the good value of items for a penny? However, some items are likely to be bigger bargains than others. The more expensive items such as purses, jewellery sets and ties are likely to be the ones to watch.

The Penny Bazaar is available in all M&S main chain stores across the UK.

Sterling latest

What about the pound?

On 12 January we wrote that the pound could recover against the euro in time for the summer holidays. We wrote again on 11 March and things had got worse: it was worth 1.086 euros and $1.38.

So, where are we now?

The pound is now worth 1.1344 euros and $1.5306. That's a change in the pound's favour of 4.46% and 10.91% respectively.

It's nice to report an improvement. There may be more to come.

FTSE 100 latest

You turn your back for five minutes and look what happens!

We last looked at the FTSE 100 on 9 March, when it was down to 3,530.73.

Here we are, over two months later, and the FTSE 100 has risen to 4,446.45 - an increase of nearly 26%. If only we'd known!

Although we may have missed that turnaround, now might still be a good time to invest. Got any spare funds, anyone?

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