Saturday, 21 February 2009

Free delivery at cotton traders!

Recently I wrote about a special offer from Cotton Traders who are renowned for their well made, comfortable casual clothing. This winter I ordered packs of economically priced winter warm socks for my male family members and last year bought my husband a warm fleecy jacket that is smart too.

I must admit though I do try to avoid paying postage when buying online and wait for offers which are postage free. This week I was pleasantly surprised to get such an email from Cotton Traders offering free postage on everything in their catalogue for the next seven days. If I find something I need or like I might just take advantage of this offer!

The bottom line is to never go for offers on things you don't need or want. Free postage is great when you you need something but perhaps not if you are just scouring the site just in case....

1 comment:

  1. Free postage is indeed a good thing.

    I personally hate it when something arrives in the post and the sender paid not enough for the stamp, sometimes no more that two pence. BUT the penalty goes to the receiver. The receiver has to pay one pound and two pence to get the parcel/letter and I now refuse to do this.