Friday, 16 January 2009

Property may still make your fortune

Property may have got a bad name as an investment over the past 12 months or so, but there really isn't much doubt that over the long term, property will make money. "People," as they say, "will always need somewhere to live."

Many very rich people have made their money in property.

I found this deal recently. It's for a development called Skyline in Birmingham.

Deal Structure

Agency will arrange for your deposit to be paid to the value of 25%.
For example . . . Barratt List Price – £267,250.00
Current Market (Contract) Value, confirmed by an independent R.I.C.S surveyor £165,000.00 75% Mortgage – £123,750.00.
25% Deposit – £41,250.00.
Agency will arrange for your deposit to be paid so you do not have to put down any capital.


The total cost of buying an apartment is £2,500. Agency will then pay your reservation fee, your valuation and mortgage fees, your legal costs and provide the deposit. There are NO other fees to pay.


Agency arrange the mortgage on your behalf, ensuring you get the best deal currently available. They estimate for a 1-bedroom apartment your mortgage payment would be £380 a month and for a 2-bedroom apartment, £480.


Valuations are based on an up to the minute RICS valuation.
You pay just £2,500.
You will have 25% equity with rental income that covers your mortgage payments.
You have just bought at the bottom of the market.

There still are ways to make a fortune out of property!
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