Thursday, 8 January 2009

I want to sell my stamps ...

I've been looking for ways of making some money in these hard times of recession. So now I'm concentrating on repaying my credit cards while using them as little as possible - preferably never - again!

So to supplement my income I've decided to sell my childhood stamp collection which my elderly mother has just given me back. Explanation - she kept them all these years under the pretext of growing her own small collection which had been merged with mine at some point!

As you grow older you may become less attached to these things and I haven't collected stamps since childhood. But I remember the thrill I used to experience as I received whole sets of stamps on approval through the post, visited a local stamp shop and spent hours lovingly mounting them in. It was an educational hobby and fed my love of travel and of learning foreign languages.

My (and mum's!) collection is housed in one album and an old Peak Freans biscuit tin called aptly Stamps and Biscuits and illustrated with pictures of various stamps of all shapes and sizes!

I won't miss my stamps now and I do want to sell them to help pay off those credit cards. I wonder now might there be just one or two valuable ones amongst this lot? Having done some research in the past I am now resolved to start Googling again and find out where those stamp fairs are taking place and whether it is best to go to a stamp dealer or find a private buyer. So I'll be back to let you know how I get on!

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