Monday, 19 January 2009

Could you get a better broadband deal?

Most broadband users in the UK are getting speeds much slower than advertised. Wouldn't you like to get a better deal and cut costs?

Research by Ofcom, the telecommunications industry regulator, has shown that British consumers get an average broadband speed of just 3.6 Megabits (Mbs) for an advertised speed of "up to 8 Mbs".

You can get information about what speed you're getting by logging on at, a large independent broadband news and information site.

You could ask your provider whether they can offer you a better package - and for less money. If they say no, then say you'll try elsewhere. Who knows, they might change their view! If you do want to look elsewhere, look at these sites for comparisons:,,,,

Like gas and electricity, there's almost certainly a better deal out there for you.

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