Monday, 26 January 2009

Make your records and cassettes sing again

Have you been replacing your old vinyl records and cassette tapes with the CD versions of the same albums? In fact, with CDs now being overtaken by MP3 music, you'll have been turning to online digital music stores.

I'll bet you haven't finished replacing your old stuff yet. And I'll bet you have most of your old records and cassettes stashed away in a box in the loft ... yet your record and casette decks have long since made their way to the dump.

All that beautiful music from the fifties to the nineties all lying idle in your dark attic.

Well now's the time to save your money. Stop replacing them and get those vinyl records out again.

All you need to do is invest in a USB record deck and a USB cassette deck (some have dual capability) and you can convert your records and tapes to digital music on your computer ... and re-live your dancing days all over again!

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