Monday, 12 January 2009

Help Financially

Some kind person sent me this: Lewis Geary's The Rich Life Letter ... a twice-weekly email specially designed to help you make money, save money and find a path to financial freedom. It caught my interest because it's free and I like free things! Lewis Geary gives you free tips and advice on how to ease your money problems and get a ton of stuff cheaper - or even for nothing by using a few brilliant (and perfectly legal) tricks and loopholes. This is what he reckons he has achieved:
• The TV trick that could get you a better quality 42" plasma set for £900 less than the "top-of-the-range" model.
• How a "debt diet" could save you A GRAND in a month - great if you need to pay off your credit card quickly... or save for a holiday
• New Tyres - you never know if you're being ripped-off. But visit this website and you can leave your car on the drive and let the cheapest tyres in your area come to YOU
• Is your bank penalising you for being a loyal customer? Put a stop to it NOW and get their top rate by making one phone call
• How to get tons of free stuff - from coffee... to perfume... to cat food. Why spend £££s on your weekly grocery shop when you can get it for NOTHING?
You can read more about him and sign up for his free email service here.

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